Tabs Pro

Tabs Pro is a module that encapsulates existing page modules inside tabs. It doesn't matter what type of module - it can be HTML, FAQs, photo galleries, document modules etc.

Settings interface:

Widget Provider

The most important feature is the Widget provider - when adding a new Tabs Pro module, Bootstrap will be set by default and, as told above, we've kept the jQuery UI option, so if you want to get back to jQuery UI, you have this possibility by changing the provider from Bootstrap - in this way, when you get back on front end, you'll have the old jQuery UI display.

Why Tabs Pro?

Tabs Pro helps you organize any kind of module inside tabs. A couple of cool features:

  • By simply dragging the tabs or event, you can define the order in which the contained modules will be displayed on the front end.
  • If multiple modules are displayed in the same tab, an option to display the modules in accordion control is available, optimizing the space on the page:

Key Features

  • Tabbed Layout
  • Tabs Position
  • Multiple modules on a Tab
  • Stack modules in Accordion
  • Tabs with custom URL
  • Easy Administration, Manage Tabs through Tabs
  • Themes
  • And much more.

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